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About Our Jewellery

Amber Jewellery

Each piece of our Baltic Amber jewellery is 100% genuine and has been handcrafted in Lithuania.

As a safety feature each piece of jewellery is individually knotted between each bead and secured with a traditional screw clasp.

Amber is fossilised tree resin. The original resin came from ancient pines which grew some 40-50 million years ago. Amber is not a stone so therefore warm to the touch, as well as very comfortable and light to wear.


Silicone Jewellery

Unlike normal fashion jewellery, our Silicone jewellery is safe for little ones to handle. 

The silicone beads are BPA free, Mercury free, Cadmium and Lead free.

Our necklaces have breakaway clasps which means that the necklace will easily detatch if pulled instead of breaking.

All jewellery is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!


Warnings and Cautions

  • Remove jewellery while sleeping and bathing

  • Do not let your child chew or pull on Amber jewellery as this may cause the beads to break or cord to weaken or break

  • Only use under complete adult supervision

  • Discard if damaged or broken


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